Support and Technical Support with BUSINESS Guard

What do you get with every FIRSTPoint

You will get a Free practise version which is identical to the main working FIRSTPoint - ideal for learning the system and for staff training. If you need to talk to a Support Agent regarding how to use FIRSTPoint then we are here, **You can purchase a 30 min remote access session which we can then go thru any aspects you require from us.

How you get to talk with us?

We have local access numbers in many countries or if you prefer you can email

Remote Access - Click here


Alternative Remote Access: BT Cloud Meeting

Annual BUSINESS Guard Package

With our annual techincal support package You will also benefit from any product upgrades that are released within your support period. Compacting and repairing your data every 4 months- so its allways in a healthy condition. We also connect to your PC to upgrade if available. Its piece of mind for you and your business


See exactly what you get with : BUSINESS Guard


**Purchase a 30 mins support ticket: Buy Now

Once you have this please quote the ref number to our Support